Tuesday, January 22, 2008



By Gareth Hinds

This graphic novel retelling of the classic Norse myth is absolutely amazing!

There’s no getting away from the fact that the story of Beowulf is a bloodthirsty, gore-filled, horrifying tale. Hinds’s artwork stays true to that fact. Bold in its extreme depiction of the violence of Grendel and Beowulf’s battle, the story of the battle is totally wordless – this entire section of the tale is told solely with pictures. Strong, glorious pictures, using a dark and minimalist palette.

For all the horror though, there is a real feel for the emotion of the characters. As Beowulf ages, and the colours he is painted with turn to muted shades of gray, his final battle with the dragon weighs heavy on him. His doubts about his ability to survive are revealed both in the text, and in the colour and imagery of the graphics.

A wonderful retelling, true to the original, so perfectly suited to the graphic novel format.

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