Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ancient appetites

Ancient Appetites

By Oisin McGann

A really enjoyable story, with interesting characters, a sharp plot, and inventive fantasy elements.

Nate Wildenstern has enjoyed a life of privilege and extreme wealth. His family is ruled efficiently and ruthlessly by his father, as well as by a system of dark traditions - such as the Rules of Ascension, which determine how and when it is ok to murder a family member to improve your position as the next Heir.

All is going well for Nate, until his older brother Marcus is killed. Nate is forced back into the business-side of the family empire, he is accused of his brother’s murder, and he must forge new relationships with his remaining siblings and their partners. The major themes of family, grief, betrayal, murder and revenge are all well explored.

An atmospheric setting, strange creatures called engimals, and the reappearance of some ancient Wildenstern ancestors, all work to make this story quite an adventure.

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