Saturday, November 10, 2007



By Janet Lee Carey

A medieval fantasy fairy-tale, Talon is a story of secrets, betrayals, love and dragons.

Rose is a princess, prophesied by Merlin himself to bring peace to her people. Stopping her though, is what her mother sees as a hideous disfigurement that must be hidden from all, else she will be burned at the stake as a witch. Only her mother knows of the one dragon’s claw that replaces Rose’s ring finger, and the obsessive necessity of the glove Rose must ever wear to hide it.

There’s courtly intrigue and murder, sorcery and dragon attacks, betrayal and love for a courageous young knight. When Rose is kidnapped by the dragon, only the claw on her hand saves her from being eaten. Rose must work to find a way to reconcile her destiny, her identity and her cursed shame.

And underneath it all lies Rose’s complex relationship with her mother, a relationship richly explored and slowly revealed. An interesting read.

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